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I am delighted that Barbara Smith has written The River of Dreams, as it answers many questions people are likely to ask about dream recall. Barbara’s book gave me a solid key to unlock powerful messages of living the awakened dream. Every one dreams every night, and some people have difficulty recalling their dreams. Through Barbara’s extensive experience of dream recall, she teaches and installs the message of paying attention and having a dreams journal beside our bed. She teaches that by journaling our dreams it facilitates healing and assists in helping our lives unfold for our highest good. Her message in this enchanting book is loud and clear, she tells us to pay attention to the messages we receive either in the dream-state or in our awakened times. We need to dream to be healthy and happy and to understand ourselves it is important to interpret our dreams.

Barbara’s book enhances the question: “Have you ever wondered where all your brilliant ideas come from?”

Your spirit guides deliver a great deal of information to you while you are in the alpha (relaxed or dreaming) or the theta (deep sleep) state, at night or during meditation. They use such times to transmit advice, ideas, and suggestions to your subconscious mind.

Barbara Smith’s own spiritual journey speaks to the reader of her dedication, hard work and profound inner-wisdom and her words come with deep meaningful tips. Her book passes on messages of humility and a great depth of understanding for a peaceful self and a peaceful world.

Barbara’s book reinstates the importance and powerful messages that are given to us in our dream state. This is the perfect book to help people to unravel, awaken and understand their dreams.

Reverend Jenny Crawford
Author of Spirit of Love and Through the Eyes of Spirit
New Zealand